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Children’s Surgery International and our volunteers are often featured in the news and other current events media. Articles recognizing the work of CSI have been featured in both Twin Cities and overseas publications.

August 4, 2014

As alarm grows over the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa, families in Minnesota’s large Liberian community are scrambling for plane tickets and visas to get relatives out of the stricken zone and at least two Twin Cities churches have canceled mission trips intended to deliver medical and other aid to Liberia.

July 28, 2014

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Ebola outbreak in West Africa is having an impact on some health organizations here in the Twin Cities.

The nonprofit group Children’s Surgery Internationalhas canceled a trip to Liberia because of the outbreak.

Laura Stege-Koppel, a nurse with Children’s Hospital in Minnesota, volunteers for the group, which does medical mission trips in West Africa.

July 25, 2014

About 25 doctors and nurses from around the Twin Cities are canceling a medical mission trip to Liberia in the fall due to the threat of Ebola. As a result, as many as 200 kids will miss out on life-changing surgeries.

Spring 2012

Although the Randall siblings live on different sides of the United States, three of them manage to get together every year or so—sometimes at destinations with no electricity or running water but plenty of hustle and bustle. But that’s nothing new for Children’s Surgery International (CSI) volunteers.

May 2011

Lora Stege Koppel gave a great presentation at the weekly Cumberland Kiwanis meeting.

April 2011

Jennifer Malaret, who traveled to Liberia with CSI in January 2011, writes about her experience as a volunteer on the mission. Malaret traveled as part of our new Partner's Program, a volunteer tourism opportunity offering participants the experience of seeing a different culture in a very unique way.

February 2011

Changing the life of a child for the better can have a lasting impact for years down the road. It's why one Pocatello woman travels to Africa to do just that.

January 2011

A medical team under the banner of Children's Surgery International (CSI) has arrived in Liberia to perform free surgical operations on afflicted Liberian children at the Firestone Medical Center in Duside, outside Harbel.

January 2011

An American medical team, Children’s Surgery International (CSI) has completed another working visit to the Firestone Medical Center in Duside outside Harbel.

December 2010

An American medical charity group, Children Surgery International (CSI) returns to Liberia in early January next year (2011) to perform free surgical operations on afflicted Liberian children.

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